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February 26 2022, 5:15-10:15am

This session will comprise an input lecture on design thinking, educational technology and organizational innovation. We will use ‘Organizational Personas’ and customer journeys to think through the needs and personalities of organizations and how they interact with the needs and desires of individuals. Through the input lecture we will look how educational technology trends impact our institutions of (higher) learning. With our guest speaker we will explore working in an international context.

Handouts, Slides, Recordings

Session 2: Summary, Slides, Handouts, Links

In our second session, we started your design thinking group projects. You formed groups and picked an educational challenge to tackle. We used the tools personas and customer journeys to better understand the stakeholders of your problem. Slides   Design … Read more

Session 2: Quick Learn Videos

Personas as Design Tools

Session 2: Recordings

Introduction Guest Speaker Willow Jacobson

Guest Speaker

Image of Willow S. Jacobson

Willow S. Jacobson 8:30 EDT

Robert W. Bradshaw Jr. Distinguished Professor of Public Administration and Government and Director, UNC MPA Program

John Storm, 9:15 am EDT

John is a good natured team player with over a decade of experience in entrepreneurship, team management and strategic planning in the China context. He is responsible for developing consulting and/or leadership development training programmes across 3 continents with well-known companies, such as: ADM, AVIC, BMS, Bunge, Cargill, CRRC, Danieli, Essilor, Heller, IBM, Ipsen, ITW, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Roche, Samsung and Sodexo.

Prior to his current roles, John consulted for several early stage ventures in Beijing that provided valuable experience in capital raising and developing marketing strategies. During 2013, John co-founded Beijing-based Ola [Oule Zhineng Zhiwen Suo], and was responsible for negotiating and/or signing 100+ contracts with combined value in excess of $10 million USD. John has spoken at recognised venues, such as with Microsoft and Tencent, as well as spearheaded campaigns across 38 countries. He now maintains visiting professor positions with Em Lyon Business School and SKEMA Business School, and has assumed the role of Executive-MBA Programme Director at the University of Aberdeen.


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Student Summaries

  • Document and discuss the persona activity.
  • Document and discuss the customer journeys.
  • Summarize and discuss the guest lecture.