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In our second session, we started your design thinking group projects. You formed groups and picked an educational challenge to tackle. We used the tools personas and customer journeys to better understand the stakeholders of your problem.



Design Thinking AUW Session 2 -email



Group Overview

Group 1: Pioneer

Develop a Curriculum for Secondary Schools
Members Ritu Tripura, Masoona Noori, Nilofar Shewa, Farasha Sultana Alfee
Group 2: Rainbow/Kaman Rostam/Rongdhonu (English/Persian/Bengali)
Topic Create Informal Learning Space for Students and Conceptualize Education Technology
Members Amena Karimi, Alizeh Sultan, Sawdah Hoque, Arezo Sultani
Group 3: Fantastic Four
Topic Develop Ideas to Improve AUW Experience/Curriculum
Members Fatima Qasemi, Bibi Lina Azizi, Mahroosa Noori, Tamana Setayesh
Group 4: The Chamber of Secrets
Topic Create Informal Learning Space

Members Masturah Alizada, Mahdia Ahmadi, Mursal Amanzai, Zainab Mirzaie, Fatima Ameri, Roshan Gul Haidari

Guest Speaker

The guest speaker was from  the United States. Willow Jacobson, Director of the Master of Public Administration program at UNC talked about her leadership trainings for public officials and how you can tie serious learning goals to playful activities. If Willow can teach judges by decorating cakes, think about what you can do with playful learning!
Download the slides here: Jacobson presentation for Panke

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