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Session 5 was all about ideas and creativity. As an instructor, design thinking to me is about creative empowerment. Many participants I’ve worked with said: ‘I’m not a creative person. I can’t do this. I’m an introvert. I can’t do this’. After the design thinking workshop they changed their perception. They think of themselves as problem solvers; they have creative confidence: ‘Okay, If I if I get into the right mindset, I actually can be very creative and have a lot of ideas’.
Brainstorming is something you can always do, of course, by just writing down all the ideas that you have. But there are some techniques to improve brainstorming by asking the right questions, or by creating prompts, time constraints, etc. I hope you have gathered some really good ideas in this session!

Guest Speaker

We had the pleasure to welcome Alex Mackrell to the class. He shared his insights into how to develop a classroom culture that supports creativity and sharing. His session did exemplify what he taught: The discussion was extremely lively – thank you all for being such active participants and critical thinkers in this class! Plus, I am sure you all loved that Alex stressed the importance of taking breaks! Slides are available here:

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