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March 19 2022, 5:15 – 10:15am

In this session, we will talk about creating effective learning spaces with the help of design thinking. We will review the plan for the new AUW campus, and create ideas for improvements and enhancements. With our guest speaker we will chat about creativity, ideation and interactive use of space.

Handouts, Slides, Recordings

Session 5 Recordings

For this session, main into, exercise and guest speaker are all in one.

Session 5 Summary & Slides

Slides Summary Session 5 was all about ideas and creativity. As an instructor, design thinking to me is about creative empowerment. Many participants I’ve worked with said: ‘I’m not a creative person. I can’t do this. I’m an introvert. I … Read more

Guest Speakers

8:15am EDT


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Student summaries:

  • How can we use space more creatively? Summarize and discuss the guest lecture.
  • Document and discuss our activity for creating exceptional learning rooms at AUW.