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April 16 2022, 4:15 – 8:15am

This workshop will include group presentations and feedback (if not all groups presented in the last session). Furthermore, in this final workshop you will work on ideas for your own design thinking exercises that you can facilitate in future educational settings.

Handouts, Slides, Recordings

Group Summaries

This final session was reserved for group presentations. All groups addressed highly relevant problems of practice, and connected many of the themes that we covered in the class – learning through play (Makerspaces, LEGO serious play), design effective learning environments … Read more


Gold, R. (2020, July 8). Descontructing the underpinning principles of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY to make remote meetings awesome.

Panke, S. (2021, April 21). Design thinking: An interview with Danielle Lake. Association for the Advancements of Computing in Education.

Panke, S. (2020, August 8). Thinking inside the box: Design thinking in Zoom conference mode. Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education.

Alayan, A. (2020, January 6). When students design university: An interview with Alessandra Molinari & Andrea Alessandro Gasparini. Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education.

Group assignment 7: Reflection

Write a shared blog post that summarizes your design process and presents your idea. Include your drafts, models, ideas, failed attempts, critical feedback and future directions.

Student Summaries:

  • Summarize the projects presented in today’s session and the feedback that was given.
  • Document and summarize the activity ‘design a design thinking activity’.
  • Summarize the guest lecture and discussion.